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What a team knowledge hub could be

My last 12 months have been spent thinking non-stop about knowledge management products and how they can be better.

After a few failed prototypes and a lot of interviews with engineers, PMs, founders, ect., I think I understand what a team knowledge hub should be…

Why your company doesn’t have an internal Google

Why is it so hard to find the information you need at work?

Whether its meeting notes, architectural overviews or just the reasoning behind why a product is made, it’s almost never just a search away. I’d like to explore that why this is and then perhaps offer a solution.…

Confluence is broken. Here's how Scribe will fix it.

Confluence, along with all current documentation tools, don’t scale with your team.

You start out with one or two people and only a few documents. At this point information is easy to find and things are going great. But then time passes and your team grows, now you have a few more documents. You can still find what you need, but it can take a while plus you notice that more and more of your documentation is becoming outdated. Still no need to panic, just make Greg work overtime, Greg loves working overtime…