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Reimagining the wiki

Scribe's mission is to enable every company to build a knowledge base that thrives over time. Current products on the market ignore the fact that information is ever-changing. They give you a pretty editor but no tools to manage the constant influx of information. Before you know it your knowledge base is full of outdated and duplicate content.

Scribe lets you focus on creating the long term knowledge base your team deserves. With other tools organising content is painful and error-prone but not with Scribe. With a click of a button you can mark hundreds of pieces of information as outdated, notifying every owner seamlessly.

Of course that doesn't mean we have forgotten the editor. In fact you're using it right now. Try and edit some text!



Documentation needs constant nurture to prevent the spread of outdated information. Triggers allow you to mark any connected tablets as outdated, warning any subsequent visitors and notifying their owner of the need to update.



Tablets are what we call pieces of information in Scribe. They allow you to record a one-sentence question and answer or a multi-page report. String them together in a collection to create a flow of information, great for onboarding flows, recording meeting notes over time and plenty more.


The knowledge graph

No more folders, simply assign a tablet or collection to one or more wikis. From there we build out a knowledge graph allowing you to easily navigate through related pieces of information.