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A little bit about Scribe

My name is Francesco Lanciana and I built Scribe to solve one main problem:

Knowledge bases don't scale

I've worked in both small and large teams and across the board knowledge transfer was a consistent problem. It's tempting to just write this off as your team being under too much time pressure or the company culture not supporting it, and honestly these can play a huge part but there is another factor, the tools. Products like Confluence give you a good set of tools for writing content, but provide very little for managing it.

If you are reading this you have probably experienced first hand how quickly information becomes outdated, and as your knowledge base grows, how hard it can be to find anything. On top of that most products out there don't really facilitate collaboration past giving you the ability to edit the same document at the same time. That's nice but creating the content is really only a small part of the picture. What about when you have a question or a suggestion? There is so much I want to Scribe to do, but it will always be building towards the following:

  • Being a long term knowledge base for all types of content - not just large documents
  • Give you the tools to scale from 1 person to 10000 without needing people dedicated to maintenance
  • Encouraging collaboration for the lifetime of content


If you've gotten this far you probably already have an idea of how big an impact this could make. If you could give back the time even 1% of the population spend looking for answers that's a really big deal. At the moment it's just me but I'm always looking for interesting people to come join. Email me at if you like the cut of my jib.